Wood Veneer Squares And Other Methods

wood veneer strips

Wood veneer strips are often used to finish interior wood doors and drawers. They are an inexpensive alternative to real wood flooring, yet offer the look of wood in areas that cannot support large amounts of wood.

Wood veneer can be applied to just about any flat surface. However, it is most commonly used on solid wood floors, especially those that are already stained or painted. Wood veneer can also be used to create raised panel edging on wood ceiling and wall. It can also be used to edge the edge of a wall or solid wood floor. Wood veneer strips can be used to create custom wood veneer edgebanding.

Used To Install Trim

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Wood veneer strips can also be used to install trim around your windows and doors. Use small wood veneer strips to create a narrow, sharp edging on the exterior of your door. Then use a wood veneer edgebanding product to finish the edging.

Wood veneer strips can also be used to create a decorative edge along the perimeter of your wood wall. Use small wood veneer strips to create a narrow border along the outside of your wall. You can use these same strips along the perimeter edge of your window trim. Then use a wood veneer edge banding product to finish the edging.

Many Different Colors

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Wood veneer edging products are available in many different colors. You can match your wood veneer strips to your existing paint color if you are not using a completely contrasting color. If you choose to use contrasting paint, simply pick a medium dark color to give the impression of wood trim. Apply the wood veneer edging product with a wood dauber until the edge banding is completely even.

Thin wood veneer edgebanding can also be used to create a wood veneer edgeband. First, remove the excess plastic from your original base board. Thoroughly clean the surface. Cut the existing baseboard at the long end of the panel. Peel back the paper on both sides of the new baseboard, and then slide the new board into place.

Real Wood Veneer Rolls

You do need to take special care of real wood veneer strips and real wood veneer rolls. They are extremely delicate pieces and need to be handled with care. If a single piece gets damaged, you can expect a whole panel to be ruined. Use a soft cloth or cotton padding under any fragile piece, especially when moving them around.

The wood veneer edge banding process requires the greatest amount of attention. The wood veneer must be perfectly straight. It should be sealed as well, and it is also important to properly join the edges. This will ensure a tight fit and prevent warping and cracking. Proper care of these materials will help you get years of quality use out of them.

Flooring And Trim

Wood veneer sheets can be used in many different applications, including flooring and trim. The wood veneer wood edge strips that come in a standard size are ideal for use as flooring. They are available in a variety of colors and wood grain finishes, allowing you to choose a great-looking product that matches the existing design of your home. They can also be used as trim around windows and doors, or as surrounds for appliances, and other furniture. You can even put veneer wood paneling on the top of cabinets and shelves.

The key to using veneer is to prepare the wood strips and veneer edge banding properly. First, you need to trim the edges to the proper shape. Trim everything to a 45 degree angle. Once this is done, you need to apply a wood sealer to give it an extra layer of protection. To seal the edges, you should sand them until they are smooth. If you want to make sure there are no flaws when the veneer is installed, you can use a wood polisher to give the surface a light sanding.

When you have finished trimming, sanding, sealing and smoothing, you are ready to install the veneer. You will need to attach the edge banding to the plywood with a wide bond strip. Use the supplied nail or screw to connect the banding to the plywood, and then position the edges of the banding against the sheet metal edges, using very even pressure. Veneer over plywood is a pretty straightforward process, which makes it easy to install.


Installing wood veneer strips is a simple process that should take a lot less time than some other methods. If you’re concerned about being able to install these by yourself, then you can choose to buy and cut your wood veneer sheets from a supplier who specialises in these products. However, if you’re prepared to take on the task yourself, it is easier to just purchase ready-made strips. You will need to allow for the bonding of the edges of the strips to be especially tight, but they can be ordered in large quantities to save money.

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