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Wood Chris Crafts are famous and renowned wooden boats whose manufacturing involved lots of skills. There has been keen attention to the design and detailing of the wood Chris crafts. As technology took over, newer and better varieties of boats came into existence but nothing could match the high-quality production and designing of wood Chris Crafts. The manufacturer of this boat has established a hallmark in the field of manufacturing quality wood Chris Crafts using a specific type of wood.

History Of Wood Chris Crafts

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The history of Wood Chris Crafts goes back to the 1800s when Hank Smith and Christopher Columbus Smith combined their boat-making talent and created the Wood Chris Crafts. The designing began with steam engines but by the year 1910, mahogany wood Chris Crafts made by them were able to attain a speed of 33 mph by using their 100 HP engines. During that time, wood Chris Crafts were the only one who was involved in the production of wood-lined vessels.

What Is The Cost Of A Wood Chris Craft?

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You can expect the same quality of the product when you purchase a Wood Chris Crafts vessel today. The Company was sold out in the 1950s and the headquarter of the company was also shifted to Sarasota. Yet, the high-quality wooden boats remain the same in their quality as well as their way of working. When you browse the website of Wood Chris Crafts, you can find various designs including the Catalina 27, Corsair 34, and the Corsair 30. The price of these crafts ranges between $10,000 to $675,000.

What Makes wood Chris Crafts the best?

Wood Chris Crafts are considered diamonds in the rough because of their excellent construction and their splendid performance.  Stunning woodwork throughout the piece makes it a vessel of choice for the artisans. Some of these vintage models are collected by collectors whereas others are still working on the water perfectly well. Various celebrities like Katharine Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis favored the wood Chris Crafts. Finding these gems is a rare thing that adds to their allure. 

What Wood Is Used For The Wood Chris Crafts?

These wood Chris Crafts are made by primarily using a double planked bottom which is made up of Philippine Mahogany. Between these double rows of planking, the Smith’s incorporated a water repellent layer of canvas. The screw holes were also plugged with Mahogany so as to ensure airtight protection. Before using the Philippine Mahogany, the wood Chris Crafts were made from Honduras mahogany. But the boat material had to be changed in order to qualify for the international Harmsworth Trophy for boat race in the head 1920. Around the 1980s the use of wooden boats became obsolete. Chris craft ventured into the production of fiberglass in the year 1955 and in metal designs in the year 1957. But the quality, the design, and the craze for Wood Chris Crafts are incomparable to any other vessel developed to date. 


Wood Chris Crafts have been very popular amongst people because of their beautiful designs and their sturdiness. Many famous celebrities favored them during their initial days but as the trend for wooden boats vanished, Wood Chris Crafts also lost their glory. There has not been any competition for these crafts to date.

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