Wood Craft Design Ideas for Beginners

A colorful blanket

Carving on wood can be fun and creative. As a beginner, here are some simple ideas that you can try. These wood craft design ideas are suitable for amateurs who have just started carving from wood.

Bear Carving Pattern 

A plastic toothbrush in a pencil

If you liked the bear you made, why not the whole forest? Before starting this project, I did comprehensive research to discover which knives are good for this type of carving, and I’ve tried out different ones. For 3d figures, though, you need 3-4 types of knives: firstly to remove big chunks of wood and reduce the wooden cube to the shape you want to make; then for removing the small parts to create the sensitive areas such as the neck area – the whole part between the head and the shoulders has to be nicely cut; then something for detailed carving for ears, eyes, the hair of an animal, and finally something to polish the wood with and make the figure look smooth.

Horse Wood Carving Patterns 

A close up of a stuffed animal

Horses are noble animals and I find it quite calming and peaceful to do this type of project, and it is understandable why horse wood carving figures got so popular among us who practice this hobby. Carving a horse into a piece of wood is not as difficult as it might seem. Just the opposite, it is super easy and you can just keep polishing it until it’s perfect, the way you wanted it to be. The best part about a 2d horse wood project is that you can’t really make a mistake if you are following the pattern that you printed out. There are many different horse wood carving templates that you can find, and here is the one I designed:

Bird Wood Carving Pattern 

Unlike bears and horses, you can create actual full-size figures of baby birds by using 3d wood carving patterns. 3d designs are always more demanding and require more time and dedication, as well as switching different knives. When you follow small wood carving patterns, use a big enough wood piece (for example a basswood piece of a size 4”x2”x2”), to allow yourself some mistakes until you master how to do it. There are also various designs among free relief wood carving patterns, and if you are satisfied with the cute little wooden bird you made, it makes a great decoration in our home, and can also be a lovely self-made gift for your friends. To make a bird out of wood, with the right patterns and tutorials, it will take you a couple of hours. To spare you the search for the best bird patterns, you can download the ones I have designed, and, as result, get the bird from the picture below. 

Rabbit Carving Pattern 

There are two types of rabbit patterns – the wild rabbit ones (that are more complicated to make) and the bunny ones. The wooden bunnies are usually carved as sitting down and their ears are laying on their back, so it is a much simpler pattern to follow. Among wood spoon carving patterns, the bunny is one of the simpler ones, and you can even create a pattern of your own, just as I did. The concept is very basic: you take a wooden cube and draw the rabbit from each perspective (from the bottom, front, back, and sides). Once you carve the bunny shape, use a little detailed carving to apply texture so your wooden rabbit really appears as a little ball of fluff that it is. These are some ideas for animal carving done on wood.

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