What Is Veneer Wood – Know All About Veneer Wood

what is veneer wood

Veneer wood refers to the very thin slices of the woods or barks (thinner than 3mm) that are glued to other ponies to give them a furnishing look. Veneer wood is also used in marquetry(the artos applying veneer to form a decorative style on the furniture). You have heard about plywood – it consists of 3 to 4layers of veneer. It is also a kind of manufactured board that is known to be the Armstrong board. 

What Is Veneer Wood – Types,  When To Use, And What To Use 

Veneer Wood

These are some types of veneer wood with their uses and their specific functions.

  1. Raw Wood Veneer – it means that this type of veneer can be used but has no backing on it and that will only happen when you will complete the finishing. We can say that raw wood veneer is very durable as it is obtained from hardwood trees.
  2. Laid-Up Veneer – when the raw wood veneer is attached to make the larger pieces then it is called laid to veneer. It can be customized but it is a long process to convert raw wood into laid veneer.
  3. Backed Wood Veneer – to make the veneer wood more strong and versatile, another kind of material is used known as backings like paper, cloth, foil, and phenolic. The more wood attaches the backing to the other side of the veneer. There are very few chances of them to crack as it is more flexible than the raw veneer wood
  4. Laminated or Reconstituted Veneer – when several slices of wood are connected then it is called Laminated or Reconstituted Veneer. The outcome of this type is so flexible that you can even bend it and give it any shape you want. The resulting block wool is very strong and can be used for various purposes.  
  5. Phenolic backed – this type of veneer wood is less common. It is mostly used for composite or artificial wood veneers. To obtain veneer wood, trees had to be cut down, this creates a concern for natural resources and thus this is becoming popular these days. The main advantage of Phenolic backed is that it is available in sheets also and does not crack easily.
  6. Wood on Wood  – the wood on wood is also known as 2-ply and can be used as decorative wood veneer. It has high utility-grade wood-backed backing it up in the opposite direction to provide the support. 

A Final Thought 

Veneer Wood

Now that you are aware of the types of veneer wood, you can easily notice the difference between them and use them in your daily lifestyle. Moreover, you will not get fooled now due to the absence of knowledge about veneer wood.

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