Timbers DIY Decking: What To Use?

Timbers DIY Decking: What One To Use?

Are you planning to start with your own timber DIY deck? If yes, then do you know which kinds of timber you can use to come up with your own creative and amazing timber DIY idea? So, check out our guide to know which of the best timber type you can use so that you can build an amazing deck. However, to make things easier for you, we are listing out some of the timbers that you can select while making your own timber DIY. We hope you can come up with the right idea while making this for yourself.

Timbers DIY Decking: What One To Use?
Timbers DIY Decking: What One To Use?

Timber Supplies

Timbers DIY Decking: What One To Use?
Timbers DIY Decking: What One To Use?

There are many Australian and Imported timbers to select from when building your new deck or outdoor structure. When deciding on what materials to use you should consider the climate, what the structure will be used for, the size of the area and the surrounding structures.

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is extremely tough and is therefore used in many large commercial projects and applications. It has a high durability rating against pests and is sourced from the Eastern States of Australia.


Blackbutt is a hardwood that is also sourced from the Eastern States of Australia. It can cause issues in areas with full sunlight and therefore should be regularly sealed. Blackbutt is typically light in colour.


Jarrah is ideal for hot and harsh climates such as Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. It is generally more costly than other timbers although is quite popular because of the large range of colours and a high durability rating. Jarrah will perform best in areas with cover from the rain.

Merbau Timbers

Merbau is generally more affordable than most other timbers on the market. It also resistant to rot and termites, and weather-sealed or not it thrives in just about any climate.

Composite Timbers

Composite is manufactured and built from a combination of plastics and recycled wood. There are a number of different manufacturers on the market and each one differs slightly. Note that not all composites are suited to hot climates so ensure that you speak with an expert before selecting a composite timber.

Treated Pine

Treated Pine is Pine that has been treated with a chemical combination that provides resistance to pests and decay. It is available in a variety of durability ratings so ensure you check with the manufacturer before making a selection.

Recycled Timbers

Recycled timber is used has been salvaged from old or replaced timber structures. This is rejuvenated so it looks like new. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and will be unique in aesthetics.

These are some of the lists of timbers that you can make use of so that you can come up with your own timbers DIY deck plans. In case, you want to be more creative with the making of your timbers deck, we suggest that you must make use of the different types of timbers.

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