Timber: Uses of It in Daily Life

Uses of Timber in Life

Timber or wood is essential for our daily life. We may not handle timber directly, but we use products procured from timber every day. Be it paper, furniture, fuel, wood finds its use in all aspects.

Timber as a Source of Fuel

Timber is the vast supply of fuel in African and American Continents. Native areas still use wood for fuel even though supplies like coal are available. Often, developing forest areas use timber for both domestic and industrial purposes, creating a shortage of the same. Also, using wood for fuel leads to massive deforestation.

Deforestation has caused Global Warming to Increase Rapidly
Deforestation Is A Sin

However, in Malaysia, timber is one of the major fuel product available. But, as an alternative to timber in the rural areas, kerosene and coal is being used nowadays. Malaysia has always stood against deforestation. This has happened after their air quality index rapidly worsened in their urban areas. Being an industrial hub, Malaysia has citizens and immigrants across the globe and maintaining a low AQI in big cities would make things worse.

Asian Countries like Japan and India have a good amount of timber-based fuel consumers but the count is gradually reducing each day. People are opting for greener fuels nowadays looking at global warming as an imminent threat.

For Paper-Pulp

Timber is a major source of paper across the globe. Lignin and cellulose, the major components in timber. They are used to extract and make paper-pulp. This paper pulp is beaten to form fine paper. This practice has been going on for centuries. But, a strong greener alternative is yet to be found. To make things better, recycling plants have been built. They collect waste paper and recycle them. They circulate it back again to users. Recycling prevents deforestation for manufacturing paper.

Timber is used for extracting Paper Pulp and making Paper Products
Timber Is Used For Manufacturing Paper

However, making recycling plants is not an easy task. It is expensive and is not readily available across all countries. In some countries of Europe, recycling is “outsourced” to neighbouring nations and brought back in. This, according to finance experts, is less expensive than installing recycling plants across the country. Wood may be a good source for paper, furniture and what not, but is surely not a green initiative. The less the use, the better it is for humankind.

For DIY Craft

Wood may easily be the cheapest source of material for DIY projects. Wood picking is an art form in which you search for exquisite pieces of wood which fit your DIY puzzle. Thus, picking the right wood is necessary. People making their fishing boats, use timber for their sails, paddles and hooks.

Other Commercial Products

Timber is also used for various daily-life products like dye-stuffs, chemicals, detergents, etc. Herbal toothbrushes are carved from fine wood too. Thus, wood is useful and applicable in all aspects but has its own drawbacks. Products like tannins, gums, resins are also extracted from wood making it the biggest source of commercial products across the world. An all-purpose alternative like wood is yet to be found but it must be found soon unless we wish to bear the wrath of the relentless depletion of the atmosphere.

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