The Advantages Of Painting Wood Veneer Over Other Methods

painting wood veneer

Painting wood veneers is not difficult. The trick really is preparing it properly and using the appropriate primer. You should be patient and make sure everything is prepared properly.

Wood veneers are made up of very thin slices of solid wood glued onto dry wood, or particle board. They look very much like solid wood, except they have a texture and natural luster that makes them more attractive. Painting wood veneers is relatively easy. The trick really is preparing it properly and applying the proper primer.

Clean The Surfaces

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Before painting wood veneer, clean the surfaces you intend to paint with a bleach solution. This will help remove any dirt or mineral stains on the veneers. Cleaning them before painting is especially important if you are going to use an enamel coating, because the dirt or mineral stains can interfere with the coating. Also, always rinse off any residue cleanser or wax you may use. Then, you need to prepare the veneers for installation by sanding them until there is no sign of dried mud or mineral streaks.

To install the wood veneer on your cabinets, you need to first take out the old finish cabinets and take out the old laminate. It is easier to work with a solid wood surface. Do not forget to check if the cabinet is dry first, before you start applying the new coating. For the installation of high pressure laminate, you will need to do it with the support of a high pressure sprayer. If you are using a high pressure sprayer, make sure that you have a long hose so that you don’t damage your walls or windows.

Properly Installed

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One of the things you must do when installing the wood veneers on kitchen cabinets is to ensure that they are properly installed to get good results. The installation procedure includes making sure that the lamination is aligned perfectly on the cabinet. In order to make the alignment proper, you must use a level. Another important thing to be done is to fill up the base in such a way that it does not leave any gaps. The last thing to do is to trim the edges of the laminate to the desired height.

Painting wood veneers can also help in turning your plain kitchen cabinets into showpieces. You can choose from the various designs and textures that will enhance the beauty of your cabinets. There are different techniques that are used for doing this such as painting the top layer, creating a texture using a special brush and then applying another coat of wood veneers. The final result will provide your kitchen with a new dimension.

Painting Laminate Veneers

Painting laminate veneers is similar to that of the solid wood ones. However, in case of the latter, the veneers will become visible if you let some light shine through them. If you have installed solid wood cabinets in your kitchen, you can always opt to replace them with veneers. This will give your kitchen a brand new look and you can easily accomplish this job using a good set of pneumatic tools.

However, if you want to install veneers on cabinets, you will need professional help because it is a difficult job that requires precision skills. Painting wood veneers is also beneficial because it helps you save some money. You can buy the kits which contain all the necessary tools and materials needed for this project.

Final Words

However, if you do not want to spend too much money on these kits, you can always perform this task by yourself. All you need to do is to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and you will be able to install high pressure laminate on your own. On top of that, this project does not require you to go through too many hassles like drilling, scraping and hammering.

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