Teakwood Furniture – Why It Is Best For Outdoor Furniture

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Teakwood is used widely all over the world for various applications including furniture, boat building material etc. One of the most interesting facts about Teak is its stunning natural elegance and color versatility. If you are looking for an extraordinary way to give your garden a gorgeous look then you can’t ignore the use of Teak wood. There are many different types of Teak available in the market, each one unique in style and price.

An Overview

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Generally speaking, the Teak wood is classified into three different categories namely Aspen, Cedar and Heartwood. Teak wood color is generally a rich golden brown color and hence it is often mixed with other woods such as Oak. It is actually a combination of orange and red color. There are several varieties of teak wood available in the market, all have different features but have high quality wood and unmatched durability.

Teak furniture is generally made from long-lasting hardwood trees grown in tropical countries. Apart from this, the furniture is also guaranteed for a long time due to its superior properties and natural beauty. Teak is the best furniture material for outdoor use due to its water-resistant property and ability to withstand any kind of weather condition. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear make it the first choice for both residential and commercial purposes.

It has a rich golden brown color that fades away gradually. Due to this property, the teak furniture gains a classic, regal look and feel. Also due to its natural properties, the furniture gains a distinct silvery or silver patina that looks attractive when finished. This silvery patina along with its distinct golden brown color creates a unique appeal and helps the furniture to retain its beauty for a long time.

Great Features

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The qualities make the teak wood ideal for furniture used by outdoors such as decks, patios and other outdoor furniture. The wood is resistant to insects and fungus that cause decay and break down of wooden materials. The wood is also resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and hence can be used anywhere. Teak is also highly durable that makes the furniture strong and sturdy. The resistance to weather conditions makes the outdoor furniture more resistant to any kind of damages.

If the tree is left exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time, it would become yellowish in color but if you cover it with a thin layer of oil content the wood would remain resistant to the sunlight and can maintain its golden brown color for a long time. Since teak wood contains a high amount of oil content, it is therefore not necessary to apply oil content based coatings on the wood. The oil content protects the wood against any kind of moisture damage.

Final Tip

In case there is any kind of damage to the wood, it can be repaired by using teak furniture restoration using the reclaimed rubber or the golden brown patina. The reclaimed rubber can be used to fill in the cracks or to fill in the gaps caused by any damages to the wood. The patina is a permanent sealant that when applied to the teak furniture restores its natural golden brown patina and makes it look like new.


As you can see, the teak furniture does not need any paint, varnish or oil based coatings because the wood possesses all the qualities of a teak tree. The golden brown color of the teak furniture is due to the presence of silica and the oil content that protect it from any kind of damage. The teak furniture also maintains its strength and durability, even if it is subjected to extreme weather conditions for a very long time. So, if you want to decorate your house in a luxurious way then you should go for teak furniture.

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