Teak Wood: The Raw Material Of Furniture

Teak Wood: The Raw Material Of Furniture

Teak wood is known as the Queen of the Woods. This is for its ability to not break down when it is in contact with metals. In addition, its appearance improves over the years, so it is usual to find it in luxury furniture.

Teak wood is intense golden brown. Moreover, it has a wide range that varies from reddish to very pale tones. It also admits treatments or paintings to change its color without losing its appearance.

These properties make teak wood one of the best known tropical woods on the market and, sometimes, that is reflected in its price. All this, added to its good outdoor properties and its durability makes it worthwhile for certain products.

Wood Veneer
Wood Veneer

What Is Teak Wood And Where Do Its Origins Come From?

Teak wood originally comes from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, India, and Cambodia). It is a tall tree that can reach 40 meters in height. But with the industrial cultivation of this wood, it is possible to cultivate it also in the tropical zones.

In these countries, it has been possible to achieve faster growth and more interesting commercial exploitation. Its color is usually intense golden brown but it has a range of colors that vary from reddish to pale tones.

Surprisingly, their appearance, according to experts, improves with the passage of time so the older a piece of furniture of this type of wood is even more appreciated.

What Are The Properties Of Teak Wood?

Teak wood has impressive weather resistance. This is why it is usually used in furniture and exterior structures as well as in shipbuilding.

It also has good dimensional stability. This allows that the furniture or the structures constructed with its wood do not end up getting out of shape or deformed with the climatic changes.

This wood is very resistant to the attack of various organisms such as termites and fungi. That is why it is a wood that does not require too many previous treatments for its use nor for its optimal conservation.

Teak Wood: The Raw Material Of Furniture
Teak Wood: The Raw Material Of Furniture

Another of its most appreciated characteristics is the natural oils that give it water-repellent properties. It is a waterproof wood that resists very well the inclemencies of the time and the water, being very difficult that cracks or breaks for this reason.

Finally, we want to emphasize that it is a wood that does not break when it is in contact with metals so it is perfect for the construction of all types of structures. As we have already indicated, it is widely used in shipbuilding.

Other Daily Applications Of Teak


The teak wood floor replacing grass or tiles gives a magnificent finish, very beautiful, practical and elegant.

As we said at the beginning of the article, teak wood has natural oils that give it water-repellent and antiseptic properties.


This oil is also responsible for the resistance of this wood to the inclemency of the weather and extreme temperatures. It supports without being damaged.

Therefore, another of the uses given to this wood is to extract its natural oils. These are to be used in the treatment of other types of wood.

Teak oil is a high-quality natural product that is commonly used as a pre-treatment for woods to make them more resistant to fungi and termites. If used for outdoor furniture, this teak oil will also make treated wood resistant to moisture and water.

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