Teak Wood Shower Bench – How Well You Can Decorate Your Garden Area

A wooden bench sitting on top of a lush green forest

Teak is a hardwood found in the tropical area, and it is one of the species of tree in the family of Lamiaceae. Some of the species of teak are Burma Teak, Asian teak wood, Philippines teak wood, Thailand teak wood, Indian teak wood, Malaysian teak wood. Some of them are real, and some are not. Teak is a deciduous tree that is up to 40 m tall with greyish brown branches, and it is highly known for its good quality of wood. Teak comes from a teak tree or Tectona grandis. It takes at least 25 years to grow into a matured tree to be harvested. 

In India, teak is extensively used to make good quality wooden furniture, and one of its famous made furniture is a teak wood shower bench. Also, it is hardwood with high natural oil and silica content. 

Teak The wood shower bench is a fantastic addition to any bathroom but an incredible idea to be used in the garden. It will allow you to relax and spend your leisure time in the garden.

Why Choose Teak Wood Shower Bench?

Compared to other woods, teak wood is unusual due to its quality of innate level of waterproofing. It barely lasts for 10 to 15 years when used in the bathroom, but when it is used as outdoor furniture, it can last for as long as 50 years. A teak wood shower bench can enhance the beauty of your garden. Its natural honey color perfectly complements the green color of your garden. Hence, using a teak wood shower bench garden can be a brilliant idea as it complements the gardens. 

Advantages Of Teak Wood Shower Bench

A wooden bench

The advantages are as follows:

It is one of the highly-rated wood products which is moisture-resistant. 

It does not easily splinter or crack. 

Teak wood shower benches will make you feel stable or comfortable, that will last you a lifetime. 

It’s highly durable, and will last for several years. 

It is easy to clean.

It has natural oil, which protects it from insects, fungal stains. 

It has a great aesthetic appeal. And it also feels great to the smooth touch. 

Disadvantages Of Teak Wood Shower Bench 

A wooden bench sitting in the middle of a park

The disadvantages are as follows:

With time it changes its color from natural honey color to a silver-grey hue.

It requires special care for its maintenance. 

It is a costly wood due to its qualities of waterproofing, strong, also because of its high demand and slow growth. 

Due to the high density and hardness of teak wood, it isn’t easy to work with them. Curving also requires sharp-edged tools. Sometimes drilling is also required. 

It is very hard to find genuine teak wood. 

It should not be kept in direct sunlight.


Whether people admit it or not, but to have a teak wood shower bench in the garden is incredibly appealing. These shower benches are vogue and now gaining everyone’s attention. Also, it is a one-time investment that will last for years. Its natural properties contribute to its durability and lifespan. So, teak wood shows the er bench is a must-have item.

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