Teak Wood Lumber – Is It A Good Choice For Outdoor Furniture

teak wood lumber

Teak Wood Lumber is widely considered as a durable and long lasting wood for outdoor furniture. Teak Wood Lumber is very resilient, resisting both decay and insects. It can withstand humidity, dry rot, fungus, mildew and the effects of weathering. Teak wood is a dense medium brown or honey-colored wood, sometimes with a reddish tone to it. Teak is an open-grained timber with high mineral and oil content.

An Overview

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There are some other advantages associated with teak lumber, making it a better choice for outdoor furniture than most other woods. Teak wood is heavy; it’s not as easily broken as other woods, and it’s resistant to the weathering effects of exposure to the sun and air. When treated properly teak lumber is resistant to decay, warping and infestation, making it a good option for outdoor furniture that gets exposed to high levels of ultraviolet rays.

It’s a naturally occurring material, so you don’t have to wait for it to grow. Also, it is quite durable and strong. Some types of teak wood can have a tendency to be more flexible than others. This means that while the wood may be more flexible, it may crack more easily when pressure is applied to it. These cracks are fine and will hardly ever affect the way that the teak wood will respond to normal usage.

Budget Matters

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One of the biggest concerns about teak lumber is that it’s a great deal more expensive than many other types of lumber. However, this shouldn’t stop you from buying teak wood. By shopping around you can probably find some reasonably priced teak lumber. If you’re looking for the most durable kind of timber available then there are some really good deals out there.

One thing that you should know about teak wood lumber is that it tends to get dirty. As it rots it will take out all of the organic elements in the wood. The oil that the wood produces will attract insects like moths. You may find that you need to treat your teak wood on a regular basis to keep it looking its best and to keep it from rotting.

One of the most popular wood types for patio furniture is teak wood. But, teak wood is not always the best choice. Some teak lumber is treated with pesticides and insecticides. In fact, if you want to purchase teak wood that has been treated with insecticide, you should make sure that it has been pesticide free. Many people believe that teak wood increases the chance of insect attack but this isn’t true.

The Growing Process

Teak lumber can also start to rot after a few years. If you leave your teak wood outdoors, it can deteriorate because the moisture will increase the rate at which the wood expands. When it expands it can create gaps in the middle of the wood. This means that air can slowly get through and cause the wood to expand, which can cause the lumber to mold. It will continue to deteriorate until eventually it dies.

If you are looking for teak wood then you will want to buy teak lumber that has been pre-treated with an insecticide. You can usually tell when something has been treated with an insecticide because there will be small holes around the edges of the wood. This is a sign of insecticide exposure. Buying teak lumber that has been treated with an insecticide will help you avoid these problems. Plus, you can be assured that the wood you purchase is guaranteed to look beautiful for years to come.

High Benefits

There are many advantages to buying teak wood lumber. One of the best parts is that it is so durable. Because teak is such a strong wood, it can be left outdoors year after year without any harm to it. This makes teak wood one of the most popular woods for patio furniture. With teak wood, you don’t have to be concerned about your outdoor furniture getting ruined from exposure to rain or being eaten by termites.

Teak wood is very attractive to the eye. Some people prefer to use it in their interior design but it can look nice outdoors too. If you are looking to purchase teak wood but are unsure if it will work or how much care you will need to do to it, you should find out what other types of wood it compares to. It will help you determine if it is going to be a better fit for your needs or not.


The price of teak wood lumber can vary quite a bit depending on where you buy it from. Since teak wood is a bit more expensive than most lumber you might normally find, you may want to compare prices before making a purchase. You should also look online to get a better idea of pricing on teak wood. You may find that the Internet is a great place to shop for teak wood.

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