Stick On Wood Veneer – Apt Working Mechanism

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If you want to complete the flooring perfectly, nothing can be better than a wood veneer. Whenever you are using the vacuum press, there is always a dilemma because you might have bubbles and the lamination on the floor. There are some widespread mistakes that most people make whenever they are choosing the floor panel and also completing the wood veneer work. It would be best if you avoid common mistakes, and for that, you have to prepare the surface adequately. Here are some strategies for you to follow, and you can get a perfect panel every time you are working on the floors. 

PreparingThe Surfaces

A wooden floor

Numerous substances will require proper sandpaper to start with. You can try out 80grit sandpaper when it is something like plywood, MDO, and MDF. Ensure that the surface is porous enough so that water-based adhesives will be able to bond better. If you are using a paper-backed veneer, then you have to test the back of the paper and do it with a single drop of water which should not go inside the form. Then only the moisture of the glue will be able to transfer and add better to the polymers. As a result, you will be able to find a smooth and pleasant finish. If you are going for raw wood veneer, you will not need any kind of special preparation. You can use oily glue as well as maple, and there are some oily exotic that you can use as well.

Choosing The Glue

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If you do not have the right amount of glue and the right kind, you will not be able to choose it correctly. Some of the adhesives have a lousy tendency because they can seep through the entire surface. It will dry fast and also require no mixing at all. In the case of raw wood veneer, it will be easy to apply the glue and bond with the surface.  Contact elements will apply to the paperback as well as plywood veneers. It is one of the most common mistakes, and you can use resin glue to use the long-press technique and careful mixing. 

Using The Glue Roller

You must apply glue to the material and use a roller so that the mixture becomes very smooth. The adhesive should be able to stick to all the surfaces evenly, and there will be no bubbles or delamination. Some of the wood veneers will be holding up when you are putting it on the way to sticking. But using the glue roller will help you to a great extent. You can also try minimizing the balance with the help of a glue roller so that you do not get your hands messy. 


Now that you know about the perfect strategies in which you can stick on wood veneer, it should not be any problem in completing the floor planning. Use high-quality materials, and there will be no cause for regret.

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