Simple And Easy Crafts That Anyone Can Try -

Simple And Easy Crafts That Anyone Can Try

Simple And Easy Crafts That Anyone Can Try

One thing that most parents complain about is that they love crafts but cannot do it with their kids because they are not creative enough. Yes, crafts require creativity. If you don’t have enough knowledge or is unable to think about any crafts, then it is indeed a great issue for the kids. It is important for you to learn some simple DIY crafts that you can do with your children. This way, you will be spending some extra time with them. There are some hundreds of craft projects that you can try on. In this article, we are going to check out some simple yet interesting craft projects for kids.

Colorful Craft- DIY Windchime

Windchimes are beautiful, aren’t they? This windchime can be created in your house with the help of kids. It does not take a lot of time or money. This DIY is pretty simple, and anyone can try this out. A handful of old keys and beautiful colors can make an amazing windchime that is for sure going to be the center of attraction.

Simple And Easy Crafts That Anyone Can Try
Simple And Easy Crafts That Anyone Can Try

Things You Need

  • 5 or more old keys
  • Driftwood or stick piece
  • Acrylic paint
  • String or a fishing line


  • Paint the stick with the colors of your choice. You can let your kids do this part.
  • Do the same for keys. When painting the keys, ensure that the first side is dried and only then, paint the other side. Coating the keys twice is a great way to ensure that the keys are perfectly colored.
  • Tie a string on both sides of the keys so that you can hang it.
  • For each key, tie a string piece and attach that string piece to the stick.
  • Ensure that all the key strings are closely attached so that they can chime.

This is a simple yet effective way of creating something useful from recycled products.

Princess Wands

You can craft a beautiful princess wand for your daughter. Indeed, these wands are perfect for any birthday occasion.

Things You Need

  • Foam sheet or shapes of a size of 9x12cm
  • Ribbon
  • Straws
  • Hot Glue
  • Stapler


  • Take the foam sheet and mark a star shape on it. Now with the help of a knife or scissors, cut out the star shape and keep it aside.
  • With hot glue, attach the two pieces of ribbon to the foam star.
  • Now, staple the ribbon and star to the straw.
  • The princess wand is ready.

You can distribute them on your little munchkin’s birthday party. They are a great way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday. On top of that, the craft is very simple and anyone can easily do it.

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