Protect Your Furniture Legs and Floor from Damage! Fit for Most of the Furniture Legs and Anti-Slip

Owning a home is a dream come true. With home building, the next step jumps to making the home “Our Home”. Furniture contribute sincerely to the look. The room makeovers with creative times can be used. The bored and bland rooms can be transformed into more personalized and classy designs with minimal design basis and style. The designs come with a pinch of creativity and give the furniture functional and eye-catching criteria. The home can be transformed into a top-notch output with the designs which are made designs exclusively for one. The designs are made with the criteria and budget basis with the needs and requirements of the customer. The company and team also provide the refurbishing plans and are sure to cover as per the requirements and giving an all-new look to the home. The house can be converted into a home with the touch. In this article, we will be discussing the usage of round Silicone table base support you might need for every chair and table furniture you have at home.

Round Silicone Table Base Support

The product comes in high-quality Silicone materials or you do not have to worry about the durability in this case. It can easily prevent noise from the furniture and keep the floor safe. We suggest that you have the product in boiling water for at least 30 seconds before you start using it. With one purchase, you can gain 16 chair table foot caps protectors. If you are looking for something for long-term usage, this would be the perfect product.

Do not forget to purchase your Round Silicone Table Base Support today.


  • Model Number: A0069
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Style: Modern
  • Shape: ROUND
  • Material: Silicone
  • Table Decoration & Accessories Type: Mats & Pads
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  • The first advantage of this product is that it is efficient in preventing noises from furniture and can keep the floor safe simultaneously.
  • The durability is insured by the high quality silicone material in this product.
  • The investment is effective as you get 16 pieces in one purchase.
  • This would be perfect for table foot with a diameter of 17-21mm.
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  • While the product is easy to use, you might find difficulties in fitting since the diameters are already mentioned in this case. If you have a different diameter table foot, then this product might not be as effective.


People look at various aspects like the location of the building, connectivity, and facilities available. Furniture is the most important part of the house that could change the whole elegance and interior of the house. Customized furniture is all about having a particular taste and sense of style that would give the person some personalized experience. We hope you are able to decide on purchasing the product and for a little piece of advice, we would like you to know that you need an understanding of the table diameter before you make a purchase so that you efficiently use this product.

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