Lets You Carve or Cut Construction Material with Just One Pass! No Mess and Debris After Carving!

Woodcutting and wood crafting has been trending for the past few decades. People are mostly mesmerized by beautiful wood cravings. Today many people prefer to do small house chores at home which gives utmost pleasure. Hence, to carry out these wood cutting and crafting processes there have been many tools in the market that people consider buying. All those tools make work easy for making something from wood, plywood, etc. The most basic woodcutter requirement that every household would need has been mentioned below which is a multi-purpose woodcutter. This woodcutter would prove to be the best tool for cutting wood into perfect shapes and sizes. Check this amazing product out to know more about this awesome product.

Multi-Purpose Woodcutter

The multi-purpose woodcutter is from the JGZUI brand. This product is made of high-quality tungsten cobalt alloy materials which makes it a more effective and more worthy option to choose from all the available wood cutting tools in the market. This amazing product also comes with a high heat resistant coating which is considered great in this price range. This product is totally easy to use. The most preferred way to use this amazing product is by easily running one board vertically and the other one horizontally and then joining it together. This product has a flat end mill that will aid one in wood cutting. This multi-purpose woodcutter product is a sharp and smooth material that will help one in various ways while working with woods. 

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  • Type: Flat End Mills
  • Material: Tungsten Cobalt Alloy
  • cutting edge length:
  • No. 1 – 8 x 1 – 3/8
  • base length – 8 mm
  • tool height – 51 mm
  • tool’s end height – 9.52 mm
  • tool’s end length – 35 mm
  • No. 2 – 8 x 1 – 1/2
  • base length – 8 mm
  • tool height – 52 mm
  • tool’s end height – 14 mm
  • tool’s end length – 38 mm
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  • It is made of a high-quality tungsten cobalt alloy.
  • This product is budget-friendly.
  • It is totally easy to use.
  • It creates strong joints.
  • It comes with a heat resistant coating.
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  • It is not a long-term durable product.
  • If the setup is wrong then the result of quality will not be good.
  • It may tear out plywood if wrongly used.
  • After a few usages, the sharpness might become blunt.


This amazing woodcutter product would definitely be a great option for people to choose. The woodcutter comes with fourteen dollars and fifty-one cents price that is highly a budget-friendly option if considered this quality. The greatest affordable woodcutter product works efficiently leaving quality sharped edges and perfect cuts according to one’s wish. The product comes with two variant options available for buyers to choose from which depend upon the cutting edge length. Hence, one must make sure to check this amazingly helpful and easy-to-use product out that would do wonders for many wood crafting and even wood carving projects. 

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