Crafts: Doing It The Indian Way

Crafts: Doing It The Indian Way

Craft is a very easy and common idea to portrait your creativity. Craft represents the culture of the country. Therefore there are many countries rich in crafts. Therefore, it is very important. Moreover, one of these countries is India. In other words, Indian crafts are very popular throughout the world.

India is a highly cultured and traditional country. Moreover, it represents many religions with their different. India offers handmade craft as well. Moreover, many people are engaged in craft-making to earn their living. Craft is one of economy riser trade.

The arts and crafts are pretty popular in India. Therefore it represents many religions with their different art and crafts. Moreover, India offers handmade craft as well. Many people are engaged in craft-making to earn their living. Another words craft is one of economy riser trade.

Types Of Indian Crafts

Indian crafts are part of its economy. Moreover since India deals in it from ancient time. Therefore you can find different type of attractive craft in India. Some different types of crafts are introduced to you here.

Metal Crafts

Metal crafts are made using different types of metals. These metals are copper, zinc, iron, silver, and gold. Metalcraft is famous from ancient times. Indian Metal Craft is famous in the National as well as International market. Some ancient metal craft forms are:

  1. Dhokra Craft
  2. Bidriware
  3. Pembarthi metal craft
  4. Kampuri craft

Gold ornament is famous throughout the world. Indian ornament is famous for its elegant looks throughout the world.


This is a painting activity form. Bihar an Indian state is known for this art. These amazing Madhubani art can easily mesmerize you. These are suitable for hanging at your place. These will add beauty to your office, home or any other place.

Handmade Crafts

India provides you with multiple handmade items. These handmade crafts can be considered as an attraction gaining feature of India. You can come across many handmade craft. Some examples of these are:

Fabric crafting

This is famous in Rajasthan Area. Here before dying a cloth tie a of piece threads on fabric is arranged in a different pattern. Hence this different type of pattern gives fabric amusing textures. There are many types of textures to attract you.

Indian Crafts
Indian Crafts


Woodcraft is impressive and famous throughout the world. Therefore these are considered to have elegance. Moreover, Saharanpur, a city of Uttar Pradesh in India, is famous for woodcraft internationally. In other words, since woodcraft has a high demand internationally. Moreover, it gives strength to the Indian economy.


Carpets can be found in almost every house. Therefore these are used in many ways. You can use them for flooring, used as mats and so on. Moreover, there are many different type hand-decorated carpets are available in the market. Indian market provides you with jute, woven and fancy carpets.

Mud craft

Mud is something very common to be found. However, its use is not easy. Therefore these need quality skills to ma ake craft with mud. Moreover, there are many families earning their living by making mud crafts.

There are many types available. These can be earthen pots, utensils, attractive showpieces, and much more. These are wind chins made up of mud that are also available. They are very attractive.

Indian Crafts
Indian Crafts

They are amusing and attractive as well.

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