How to Take Care of Teak Wood Grain Furniture

teak wood grain

Teak furniture is not only famous for its beauty but it does not need a lot of maintenance. It happens because teak wood grain can produce natural oil. However, that does not mean you are not going to take care of this furniture. Even if it needs low maintenance, you have to follow some methods to take care of it. By reading this blog, you will get the best maintenance tips for teak wood furniture. Let’s get started.

Things You Need to Know About Teak Wood Grain

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Teak is a hard deciduous tree that you can find in the tropical region. Burma and Thailand are the main producers of teak wood. As you can see, teak is one of the most valuable trees for furniture. Besides its beauty, many people choose it for its durability.

There are some essential factors about teak wood. If you are buying furniture, you need to know about these things. On the other hand, you need to know about these to start regular maintenance. Here are the important things:

  • Teak wood produces natural oil that prevents it from dry rot.
  •  Because of the durability and other features, teak furniture is expensive as compared to other timbers.
  • This type of timber is dense, so the furniture is not going to crack or bend over time.
  • Teak wood grain is also good against termites and insects.

Best Maintained Tips For Teak Wood Grain

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Now, you know about the teak tree and how it can be the best choice for your furniture. To make teak furniture more durable, you need to follow some maintenance tips which are as follows.

Removing Stains

Before you start this process, make sure you sand on the heavy stains areas. You need to use sandpaper for this. When you are done with it, you have to remove stains. There are several methods available for this but using a clothing iron is the easiest one. Make sure you are using a commercial-grade cleaner for removing stains.

Sanding Teak Wood Grain

Sanding is another great process to ensure your teak furniture’s long life. By doing this process, you can restore the original glow of this wood. This method can preserve the hues. However, sanding could be difficult in some cases. So, you can get help from a professional expert.

Color Preservation

Color preservation is another essential part to take care of teak wood. Well, there is a misconception about the color of this type of furniture. This timber’s natural oil can’t prevent the color from fading.

So, you need to implement some methods for color prevention. In this case, you can use teak wood grain sealers for color preservation. After applying the sealer, leave the furniture under the sun for two weeks before using it.


Finally, you know how to take care of teak wood furniture. Make sure you are implementing the above-mentioned methods for maintenance. If you need professional help, you can hire a local expert.

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