Difference Between Wood All Veneer And Solid Wood

wood-all veneer

When you buy furniture and see wood all veneer, if it raises any question, you will find the answer for it. Wood veneer is a thin and slim layer of wood attached to the outer surface of furniture made up of some solid material. Now people say that wood veneer furniture is fake, which is not valid. You can use solid wood at some places, as it expands and shrinks according to the temperature, which can ruin your furniture. You can use some tables made of solid wood, but you use wood veneers in making cabinets and drawers to make them durable. If you think it is a modern technique to reduce the cost of furniture, actually it is not. Wood veneers have been around for ages; even 200 years back, people used to sell wood veneer furniture and it was sold at high prices. However, if you find some cheap furniture named wood veneer, it might be fake wood; they must be using wood veneer to laminate the furniture. So, nerd out on this article and know the difference between wood all veneer and solid wood, so whenever you buy furniture, you can choose the suitable furniture.

Advantages Of Using Wood All Veneer Furniture

Solid Wood

The wood veneer uses less natural wood, which makes them cheap and good for the environment. People have a misconception that veneers are not of full solid wood, so they are delicate, which is not valid. Veneers are made up of microfiber, which does not age and makes them more durable and surpasses the life of solid wood if you have a busy life and do not have much time to clean all furniture, buy wood veneer furniture, as it can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet cloth. In wood veneer furniture, you can see attractive patterns and texture, as it is not made up of solid wood. However, solid wood can also have different patterns, but then it costs double that of the veneers. If you buy wood veneer, you are saving natural resources and indirectly protecting our environment.

Advantages Of Solid Wood

Solid Wood

The best part about solid wood is that it is natural, and you cannot get fake wood of poor quality. A rigid solid wood is durable and can be used for ages, but it depends upon the craftsmanship and quality of wood. Most importantly, solid wood gives you a unique feel, as you do not have different patterns, swirls on the wood, it is plain and natural, which defines class.

Detect Difference Between Solid Wood And Wood All Veneer

Once you lift both things, you can tell that the heavy and dense one is solid wood, and the light furniture is wood veneer. By touching the surface, you can detect wood as solid food is rough and veneers are smooth as water. In veneers, you can see symmetrical patterns and grains, and solid wood is all-natural.


Now you know the difference between solid wood and veneers so that you can buy the best furniture according to your needs. Please make sure you use less wood and save our natural resources and our environment.

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