Crafts For Kids: A Comprehensive List

Craft Ideas For You

Craft is good for enhancing the creativity of your kids. You can use simple and easy ideas to involve your kids in crafts. Thinking what to do these holidays, here is a list of some simple Crafts Ideas for your Kids.

Craft is a way to express your creative thoughts. It gives a shape to your creativity. There are many craft materials in the market. You can get them easily from the market. Also, you can use waste material for your craft.

Crafts Ideas List For Kids
Crafts Ideas List For Kids

Scarp or waste material is a very good idea for crafts. You can pick material from your home itself. Hence you can try waste plastic bottles, scrap paper, empty tin cans, disposable glass, and so on.

List Of Crafts Ideas For Kids

Here is some simple crafts list for you and your child to try. You can also help your child in their craftwork and have fun. Some simple craft for you are:

Puffy Paint

It is very simple to play with paint. This craft is so simple and attractive. You can keep your painted material in the microwave for some seconds. You can see your paint getting puffy. Hence, this is a combination of science and art.

Aeroplane Cloth Pin

This is a simple task. You can make your daily work interesting by doing this stuff. It needs a cloth pin, straw, craft foam, and some glue.

Tic Tack Toe

Everyone here must have played this game. This is a very common game played by every generation kid. You can make this game more interesting. You only have to take some small magnets and a metal board.

Hangings Crafts For Kids

You can make small attractive hangings. They are easy to make and give a beautiful look to your decoration. You can make it with simple materials like bangles, ribbons, thread and some glue.


You usually have artificial flowers at your home. Why not add some handmade flowers to your place. This is super easy. All you need is paper, craft metal wire, paint, and thread or glue.

Funny Faces

This is easy and unique. It is unique as it will be the result of your own imagination. This requires very common material like plastic glass, paper, some beads, paint, glue, and a pair of scissors.

Pencil Waste Crafts For Kids

This is a very common craft. you can make flowers, fish and many things using pencil waste. Hence all you need is glue, pencil, waste, and some papers.

Crafts Ideas List For Kids
Crafts Ideas List For Kids

Butterflies For Kids

You can use them in your kid’s room. This is will add a lovely look to your child room. All you need to collect is a colorful paper, a pair of scissors, glue, double-sided tape, beads, and paint.

Straw Tulips Crafts For Kids

They are easy to make. All you need is some papers, straws, glue, thread, and paint.

Tin Can Hanging Crafts

It is simple and attractive. You can hang them anywhere at your place. This requires very common material. All you need to collect is empty tin can, paper, glue, and thread.

Hence, making crafts is not a tough job. You can enjoy this experience very easily. Also, you can use waste material in it. Therefore they are affordable as well. So enjoy the craft with your kid.

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