Characteristics And Uses Of Teak Tree Wood

teak tree

Amongst the various species of hardwood, the teak tree has its significance. Although it is a rare tropical tree that takes around 20 years to grow completely, its wood is used for many purposes. If you are also interested to know about this tree, then mentioned below are some of its characteristics and uses.

Some Characteristics Of Wood Of Teak Tree

Appearance And Texture

Tree Wood

This tree can grow up to 30 to 40 meters in height and gets darker with growing age. It sheds its leaves annually when the season gets dry. It is strong enough to stand still in any type of climate. This is the reason its average age is around 100 years. The grains of this tree are straight and it has a coarse texture too. These are also a good source of natural oils.  

Resistance And Strength

Tree Wood

Due to its structure, the teak tree has good strength. You can also get resistance from rot, decay, and termites that make the teak objects highly durable. Availability of water-resistant oils makes it the first choice for manufacturing ships, boats, etc.

Working Ease

It is very easy to deal with this wood. You can easily do the jobs of screwing and nailing. It has the property of being elastic and can easily support the work of carpentry. However, sometimes gluing is a little harder due to the presence of natural oils.

Different Uses Of Teak Tree Wood

Teak Decking

For restorations of classic and high-end boats, teak wood can be an excellent option. As teak wood is highly durable and resistant to several factors, it is used for yacht and boat decking. It also makes a non-slippery surface. Teak decking enhances the appearance of boats too, making them more beautiful.

Teak Tree Flooring

Nowadays, teak tree wood is also used in the flooring of high-end apartments and houses. People also opt for custom flooring made up of teak wood. As flooring, you can get a sort of warmth from teak. With respect to the durability of outdoor applications, these have far better durability in indoor applications. Just install teak flooring and enjoy it for generations. It requires very low maintenance too.

Outdoor Furniture

Just because of the weather-resistant properties of teak, it becomes a great choice for outdoor furniture. You can install teak furniture in your balconies, gardens, pool sides, etc. You can get long-lasting furniture in your house that too has a classy appearance.

Wood Industry

In the wood industry, the face of any expensive plywood is coated with a material veneer which is a processed form of teak. It is also used as a parquet form of floor coverings.


If you keep aside the fact that teak is a little expensive, you can see that it is a highly durable and worth-investing material. Its strength makes it the first choice for the decking on ships and yachts. Thus, you can see several benefits and uses just because of its excellent properties.

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