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Transparent binder covers are handy for a student as well as the professionals too. These files are used in schools and offices for data collection. There are many kinds of binder covers available in the market, but transparent binder covers are more convenient and popular among all of them. 

The appearance of these covers looks good, neat, and clean. The transparent binder covers are not so expensive, and they have a reasonable price. Educational institutions and other professional institutions used to store their complex disk data with the help of the binder covers.

Transparent Binder Cover/Shell For School Work Journal

If you search for the most reasonable and good quality binder covers, then you should buy transparent binder covers. It makes your project more attractive, and it looks neat and clean. The quality of these covers is also suitable as these covers are not sheared. You can also use these files to store your art collection, such as drawings and writing notes. In addition, these files are available in different sizes, so the rural papers are stitched with these binder covers to make a proper document file. 

This transparent binder cover comes with a delicate body and a six-ring binder spine. The rings are easy to close and open, rearranging and refilling the pages. You can insert the pages of your choice, and the pages can be rearranged and added at any time you want. You can also show off the front page of your planner with the help of its transparency.

Here you can easily buy the Transparent Binder Cover/Shell For School Work Journal.


  • Model Number: 280152
  • Feature: Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Material: Stainless steel, PVC
  • Type: Has 6 holes
  • Package includes:  Transparent Binder Cover


  • A transparent binder cover is perfect for DIY or decorating notebooks.
  • As it is evident, it makes it easy to check contents.
  • It has a durable and moisture-resistant finish.
  • Color-printed inserts can be encapsulated on binder covers/shells.
  • Plus, a wide range of Pantone colors can be screen printed directly onto the PVC.
  •  It is a nice thick PVS and still allows for the protection of your inserts.
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  • PVC color options are limited and detailed images are not usually achievable with the screen print process.
  • The rings are crooked and sometimes do not close all of the ways.


The transparent binder cover or shell for schoolwork journals is the basic need for a student or an official work. It helps to make your project or presentation more attractive or in an organized manner. Moreover, these transparent binder covers or shells can enhance your inserts effectively, and you will be appreciated by the superior. If designer paper is added into this file so it can look more beautiful because of its transparency.

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