Best Woodworking project calculator apps

woodworking project calculator

Woodworking as the name suggests refers to working with wood or is the craft of carving and making objects from Wood. People often confuse wood making with carpentry but both are different. Carpentry is working on wood at construction sites or buildings whereas wood makers necessarily don’t work at sites, they also make objects from their home. Before beginning a project one needs to calculate requirements and dimensions related to materials required and these apps make this task easy.

Woodshop Widget


This app is the go-to for woodworkers. It comes with a wide range of features as it is an integration of various apps like a bundle. All essential tools for woodworking are integrated under one platform and navigation between them is also easy. App’s platform is very smooth and user-friendly which makes the task hassle-free. Under this app, you can find tools like Wood comparison, Shellac calculator, angle finder, and a lot of other features

Planner 5D


The features of this app are so good that you can build your home with it. It comes with 2D as well as 3D visualisation for your projects. It also has more than 3000 items under furniture, appliances, etc which you can add to your blueprint. The stand apart feature of this app is the detailing. you can also add textures, lightings, and shadows to your model. It is a free app and also has a premium version which unlocks more features and One can also work on a web version using their PC or laptop  

 Handyman Calculator

This app like the woodshop widget has multiple tools under one platform for your project. Features of these are so good that even professional construction workers use them. On this app, you can find Fractions calculator, Time tracker, Invoice tracking, density charts, Sandbag calculator, and over 100 other varieties of calculators or tools which makes it a must-have for any woodworker. 


This is a simple tool available on both android and iOS which uses Augmented reality at its core and helps you find measurements of any object around you with great accuracy. It uses your phone camera and once you scan the object it will give the most accurate measurements about its size. This helps woodworkers save a lot of time and helps them in analysing the fit of their project around places. So, as a woodworker, you should use it


Woodworking seems like an intimidating task at the beginning but once you have the right tools in front of you it becomes a lot easier to complete your project. Before the internet, everything was done manually which made the job tedious but now with these apps which provide tools that can measure with better accuracy and also save time, you can easily start your project and take your game from amateur to pro

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