Are Crafted from High-Quality Lead-Free Glass Which Offers a Clear Polished Base and Space Saving!

Having cute and aesthetic-looking storage is the key to every well-maintained house. Although, finding storage units that are appealing to the eyes can be a bit difficult. When it comes to storage, capacity, reliability, durability and a lot more factors have to be considered to get the perfect product. Well, we intend to make that process easier for you. 

These transparent lead-free glass jars with a lid for storage are the perfect pieces that you will need to store things that you want handy. These jars can be aligned in a place where they are visible as they will only add to the beauty of the room. Dining tables or side tables can be a great option to display these transparent jars. If not for storage, they can also be used for decoration purposes by putting some flowers, pebbles in them and displaying them on placement for a pop of color. 

Transparent Lead-Free Glass Jars With Lid For Storage

These jars are completely transparent and have a very beautiful ball-shaped cork lid which adds to the entire look of the jar. Storing candies, flowers, pebbles, mouth fresheners will seem a lot more visually appealing. Anything that doesn’t need to be stored in an airtight container can be stored in this. If you don’t wish to store edibles, you can also use these bottles for multiple decorative purposes. You can add fairy lights in them and light them up in the evenings to give the room a very beautiful and calming look. These bottles are made of clear glass and are completely lead-free which makes them completely safe for storing edible items. It will not harm the food in any way and will keep it completely safe. The cork lid is made to perfectly fit the jar and can also be air-tight if it is fitted tight enough. This can also let you store edibles that cannot be stored unless it’s an air-tight container. These bottles are available in 4 different size options, 500ml, 800ml, 1200ml, and 1600ml that can be used to store various things.  

Find out Transparent Lead-Free Glass Jars With Lid For Storage now.


  • Origin: CN (Origin)
  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Packaging: 1
  • Model Number: [email protected]
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Condiments Container styles: Cover
  • Type: Storage Bottles & Jars
  • Material: Glass and Cork
  • Size: 500ml800ml1200ml1600ml
  • Use: Can be used to contain tea, food, dry goods, coffee beans, etc
A glass of orange juice


  • Are available in 4 different sizes. 
  • Are very elegant and can be used for decoration. 
  • Have an airtight lid. 
A tray of food on a table


  • Are brittle as they are made of glass. 
  • Are overpriced. 


If you want a good-looking storage option that will amp up the look of your kitchen or living room, these jars are the best option to go for. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are also practical as they are made of lead-free glass which makes them completely safe to store edible items. If not edible items, feel free to use them for decorative purposes by adding flowers, pebbles, or even fairy lights in them.

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