Amazing DIY Wood Craft Projects

wood craft projects

As avid, lifelong DIY enthusiasts, we’ve really enjoyed perfectly our crafting skills of all different kinds. Sure, we have our favourites and our specialities, but every once in a while it’s nice to try our hand at something new or something we don’t do very often. Lately, we’ve been feeling rather enthusiastic indeed about the idea of making some wood crafts. We can usually be found working with softer materials like fabric or yarn, so the idea of doing something a little more structural is quite exciting. That’s why we’ve been on the lookout lately for beginner-friendly wood based crafts!

1. DIY pallet plaques

A person sitting on a wooden table

Whether you’re able to get your hands on some reclaimed boards or whether you’re prepared to purposely weather new ones to get the style, this first project is perfect for nostalgic photo lovers! Oh My Creative outlines the steps for creating this lovely clipping wall mounted photo display in a full tutorial, complete with photos. They even give you suggestions for successfully hanging the pieces on your wall with ease.

2. DIY wooden ladder blanket organizer

A wooden bench sits in a piece of wood

Have you actually been feeling intent on building something specifically because you like the idea of learning how to create a new structure, but you’re still hoping to keep things quite simple? Well, if you’re also a person who lives in a chilly place and likes to keep cozy blankets around the house to curl up in then you just might adore this awesome wooden ladder style blanket organizer outlined in simple steps on Domestically Speaking.

3. Wooden coat rack curtain hooks

One of our very favourite kinds of crafts is the kind that is both stylish and practical. We think that’s why we loved this DIY wooden curtain hanger piece outlined step by step on Olive and Love so much! Besides giving you a beautifully rustic inspired farmhouse chic style, it also lets you replace curtain rods, which are more difficult to set up and don’t necessarily come in many pre-made design options that suit the rustic look very well.

4. Rope and wooden board floating wall shelf

Just in case we also caught your attention when we mentioned our love for working with soft materials above as well, here’s an awesome tutorial that lets you combine simple wood crafting skills with other mediums to make a very cool mixed project with a practical purpose and some style! Take a better look at the tutorial on Burkatron to see how this wood and rope floating shelf was made.

5. Wooden chalkboard welcome sign

Perhaps you’re quite interested in this idea of blending your wood crafting skills with other areas and types of DIY but you’re just not sure that working with rope is really the approach you want to take? Well, if you’re more of a painting and hand drawing type of person then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll prefer this lovely craft from 17 Apart. They show you how to make a chalkboard wood slice greeting sign for your front door or entryway.

These are some ideas to try from wood.

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