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Accidents happen and they are very likely to happen as a surprise. You can take all the precautions but sometimes things fall out of your hands and they break into pieces. May it be your coffee mug, expensive imported crockery, wooden or clay artifact, a precious ceramic, and the list goes on and on. If you carry a good fortune the thing might only get a dent or crack, either way, it is labeled as broken, and that hurts more than anything. Buying a new one may seem easy but why waste money when you can just stick it? Unlike traditional adhesives, the super glues are very different and better. The application of the super is vast. Super glue is an ideal choice for gluing metal to metal and various other materials.

Multi-Purpose Strong Super Glue For DIY, Phones, Jewelry, Repairs

Multi-purpose strong super glue is a strong adhesive for phones and jewelry and other stickable things. The glue is waterproof and has high elasticity suitable for various types of materials. It can mend broken pieces easily and make them look as new as they were. The superglue can be used to stick things made of metals glass-ceramic stone leatherwood plastic rubber and more. The superglue is very convenient and easy to use. The superglue can penetrate the finest micro-fractures, pores, and cracks. This glue works like a magnet to nonmagnetic things locked into place and holds the pieces tight. This glue does not drip and has a water resistance property and dries out quickly. It can be applied on vertical uneven and overhead surfaces. Make sure the surface is clean and use a clamp that will help to put on the glue easily.

Buy Multi-Purpose Strong Super Glue For DIY, Phones, Jewelry, Repairs today.


  • DIY Supplies Electrical
  • Type Phone repair tool
  • Origin CN(Origin)
  • Model Number B7000
  • Package Box
  • Size 15/50/110ml
  • Capacity 15/50/110ml
  • Color Transparent
  • Type2 Industrial Glue Semi Fluid Glues
  • Model 2 B7000
  • Material B-7000 Office Adhesive Glue
  • Adhesive Level Medium Viscosity
  • Feature Fully Transparent Flexible Adhesive Semiconductor
  • Application for Phone Frame / Touch Screen / Glass Repairing
  • Usage 1 Phone Case Screen DIY
  • Suitable for DIY Phone Sets Crafts Pearl Jewelry Diamond
  • Condition Super Sealant Glue
  • Function Professional Phone Screen Bonding
  • Design Needle Tube
  • Usage 2 Rubber , Fiber Bonding
  • Drop Ship Support
  • Packing Bag
  • Type Unit Piece
A close up of a bottle


  • The superglue has quick-dry property 
  • The superglue can stick with almost all kinds of material.
  • The super glue is multipurpose.
  • The super glue is waterproof.


  • The glue may irritate the skin.
  • The super glue is flammable and should not be used near the fire.


Super glue offers an effective way of mending various materials while being super easy to handle. The super glue is waterproof that’s what makes it better than the regular adhesives. The superglue dries out quickly, there is no need to wait for the glue to dry or fan them. Just apply to the broken pieces and stick them together and they are again ready to use just like new. The superglue creates an incredibly strong adhesive bond. The superglue does not get affected by water once it dries up.SuperglueSuper glue has a strong strength and speedy application, sets quickly without clamping, and gives tremendous hold with just one drop. The superglue sets quickly after application and dries in no time. You can hook multiple tools in a single rotatable hook. The rotation feature makes the accessibility quick and convenient.

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