Acacia Wood Vs Teak Wood Which Is More Durable

acacia wood vs teak

The difference between Acacia wood vs Teak wood is very important if you plan on using them for outdoor furniture. Both are very tough and solid wood with excellent levels of hardness and strength. Acacia is slightly more expensive but has a longer life span when properly maintained. Teak and Acacia are neck-to-neck in terms of manufacturing durable outdoor furniture because wood processed from both woods is very heavy and dense. Teak tends to be slightly more resistant to rot, while Acacia is quite light, which makes it very strong.

An Overview

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One major difference between the two is the amount of maintenance required. Acacia wood needs hardly any maintenance at all, while Teak needs oiling every couple of years. You should always oil your Teak outdoor furniture if you want it to last as long as possible. For Acacias, periodic oiling is not really necessary because they tend to dry out very quickly, but if you want your furniture to look its best, then you need to oil it regularly. For Teak, it’s recommended that you clean it by using a damp mop, because the dense texture of Teak makes it highly resistant to dirt and dust, but regular cleaning is still important because excess moisture can cause shrinkage and cracked spots.

Another major difference between Acacia wood and Teak wood is their absorption rate into water. While both woods are extremely absorbent, Acacia wood absorbs quicker than Teak wood does. Acacias can even be successfully treated with oils to improve their absorption rate even more. In addition, both woods are highly susceptible to fire. Acacia tends to easily burn, but Teak requires more maintenance and protection from fire, so you may prefer to use Teak for fireplaces or other open flames.


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One big advantage of Acacia wood flooring is that it is a lot cheaper than Teak. So, if price is an issue, you would probably prefer Acacia. However, if style is more important, then you should definitely go with Teak. Also, Acacia wood is available in a variety of colors such as white, rosewood, black, and gray. Teak on the other hand, is only available in black, white, and gray.

While both Acacias and Teak trees produce a wide range of furniture, the main noticeable difference between them is their grain patterns. As previously mentioned, oak trees produce furniture with straight grain patterns while acacia trees produce those with an “S” pattern. Unlike oak, teak trees don’t usually produce furniture with straight grain patterns. As a result, their furniture pieces have more of an “arts and crafts” look to them.

Types Of Wood Flooring

Another big difference between the two main types of wood flooring is hardness or softness. As the name suggests, oak trees are extremely hard. They can withstand high impact from cutting tools while the opposite applies to teak. Acacias are commonly used for kitchen and bathroom floors and they are extremely hard. This is the reason why they are commonly used for interior design purposes. Teak, on the other hand, is used for exterior home design such as decks and patios.

With regards to durability, it is widely believed that teak wood is the best. It is commonly used for home flooring purposes because of its durability and its natural beauty. While acacia wood might be cheaper and not as strong as teak wood, it is still considered to be stronger and more durable. One advantage of using the former is that it is more resistant to humidity whereas the latter is less resistant. Another benefit of using acacia wood is that they are less prone to insect damage.


When it comes to price, both of these types of wood flooring are more expensive. Acacias are commonly more expensive due to the quality and durability that they possess. At the same time, teak wood is a more affordable alternative. The only real determining factor in terms of cost is the degree of durability that the product is capable of displaying. If you want a more durable flooring option, then you should definitely consider purchasing teak wood instead of the more expensive acacia wood.

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