A Guide to Keeping Teak Wood Patio Furniture Clean

teak wood patio furniture

Treating teak wood patio furniture in any other way may only result in the opposite. Teak wood is an expensive hardwood that doesn’t exactly have the best start in the garden. In fact, there is far more maintenance required when compared to other types of timber and this type of furniture is certainly not for those wanting a low-maintenance garden. What’s more, is that it’s extremely important to treat this type of wood correctly in order to prevent any health problems and to keep your furniture looking new for many years to come. When it comes to teak wood patio furniture, you really are buying high-quality materials that require some special attention when it comes to care and preservation. So why wouldn’t you be keen to add to your list of regular things you need to do?

First Step

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Well, one of the first steps you can take is to protect your teak wood patio furniture from the elements. Although the wood itself is extremely durable and weather resistant, it will start to show its age in the rain and in the heat. This means you need to treat it properly by applying teak oil periodically between deep cleanings in order to preserve the wood and prevent any early signs of ageing. You can purchase a mild teak oil at most garden stores but you can also use your own homemade blend if you prefer.

Second Step

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Next, wipe down your teak wood patio furniture regularly with a damp rag. Make sure you don’t use detergent-like bleach because the oil in the oil will damage the delicate wicker structure. You also want to wipe down all rough surfaces using a soft rag. Wipe down the seat, back and seats of each piece separately. You can also use a spray bottle filled with water to wipe down the table and chairs. Make sure you get out as much water as you can so the next time you wash out the grill, for example, you won’t have as much water covering it.

Third Step

The next step in maintaining your teak wood patio furniture is to avoid letting it get too hot or too cold. Most people think that teak outdoor furniture needs to be left outdoors to properly age but this is not true. This style of furniture can actually be left on the patio all year round. The reason you want to avoid freezing it is that the wood will start to swell and you will find the pieces very hard to move around on the patio. Because of this, it’s important to purchase wrought iron patio furnishings that are made to last outside.

Fourth Step

The last piece of general maintenance information you will need to know before cleaning your teak wood patio furniture is that you should only use mild cleaners when dealing with dirt or dust. The reason you want to avoid these harsh chemicals is that they can actually cause damage over time to your furniture. Sunbrella and white vinegar are two great choices to use for this purpose.

Fifth Step

There are other things you can do to help keep your teak wood patio furniture clean without dangerous chemicals. For example, you may want to consider using special teak oil. This is a great way to restore your patios natural appearance. You can actually purchase this oil in liquid form or as a liquid wax. Sunbrella and golden honey are also great products to consider for their natural beauty.

Final Step

If you haven’t already, make teak wood patio furniture your next choice when choosing outdoor patio furniture. Not only will it last for many years to come but it will add value to your home as well. If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing this type of wood you may want to consider some of the other materials available. Your local hardware store should have many options for you to choose from so take advantage of this fact.

Bottom Lines

Teak patio furniture is going to last for many years if you take good care of it. Make sure that you use teak wood that is treated with teak oil and sealants. These products will protect your furniture against the elements and will keep its natural oils from dissipating. Apply teak oil to your furniture after each use to retain its natural oils. Golden honey and sunbrella will also help protect your wood from the elements. Keep in mind that these treatments will also make the wood stronger so it is important to consider this when you are purchasing your furniture.

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